Hanson Oak

You may not know my name, but you will know my stories

Hanson Oak

You may not know my name, but you will know my stories

*Beware the peccadilloes*


*Beware the peccadilloes*

*New* Press Page created *New*

All the news you need, wrangled into one place!

With some current and future announcements, events, and publications coming up, I've created a page to organize and share it all! 2019 is going to be a big year!

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Available Now!

A collection of great science fiction!

My piece The Mercy Code is tucked into the pages of this special Social Sci-Fi issue of Kyanite Press. It joins a collection of other great tales by talented writers. Available in ebook or paperback.


Available now!

It's always the right time of year for some bloody Christmas fun!

Available in paperback or digital, the Winter Digest will fit right into those Christmas stockings or wrap up all nice and neat to gift to someone else. Why not get a copy for yourself? 

Features my novella Black Hen Witch - because the holiday season can use a little more bloodshed. 


Available now!

Halloween Special Addition

This first annual Halloween double sized edition of the Kyanite Press features the first in my series "The Wax Brothers: The Gulch" Filled with scary tales from some amazing up and coming writers!

Listen to an excerpt below from the past live reading event!

An excerpt from "The Gulch"

This was from a live event on Youtube during Halloween night. Kyanite Press asked the authors featured in the Halloween Special to read their work. This is mine. To hear more visit their channel and subscribe! I hope you enjoy it!

"We are the makers of music, We are the dreamers of dreams"

"If I find myself beneath the haze of writer's block, I like to throw chicken bones against the wall and chant to the old Gods for a path forward. No, it doesn't help, but it sure freaks out the people in the supermarket. Sometimes that's enough."

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