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Deadwood interviews

        Interviews with authors, musicians, and other creatives. Unexpected. Uncensored. Unprofessional.

Episode 3

In the first ever "After Dark" podcast, we introduce alcohol and games, while discussing author DK Marie's latest release (Fairy Tale Lies ), my accidental gay date, take Twitter questions and more!


DK Marie on Twitter: @DKmarie2216s

Website: www.DKMarie.com

Publisher: http://champagnebooks.com/s

Episode 2

 I meet the lead singer/guitarist of Broken Machines, Mike Lee to talk about Austin, his influences, Listen to tracks from his upcoming EP, and discuss his disturbing dreams about me.


Mike Lee on Twitter: @BMachinesMike
Website: brokenmachinesband.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @brokenmachinesmusic 

Episode 1

 In the first episode of the podcast, I sit down with Writer and Acquisitions Director of Kyanite Publishing, B.K.Bass. We discuss why social media is awful, writing, publishing, and take questions from Twitter.


B.K. Bass on Twitter: @B_K_Bass
Author site: www.BKBass.com

Company Site: www.Kya