Hanson Oak

You may not know my name, but you will know my stories

The Library

"The Gulch"

The first in the series of the Wax Brothers Adventures is currently published in the Halloween special edition of Kyanite Press's magazine.

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"Black Hen Witch"

This original novella, and soon to be Christmas Classic, is set during the Salem Witch Trials, and was be featured 2018 Winter Digest: Fables and Fairy Tales:

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For a full review, CLICK HERE, but be warned, it's LOADED with spoilers!

"the Mercy Code"

A short story examining the boundaries of A.I., the relationship between a widower and his synthetic caregiver, and questions of morality that extend across human and robotic existence.  

Released in Kyanite's special "Social Sci-fi" Issue.

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