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The Pulp Collection

What is "Pulp Fiction"?

Traditionally, the term "pulp" refers to  a specific type and style of writing, particularly popular from the early through mid twentieth century, the evolution of Penny Dreadfuls into the new century. The nickname was given to  the genre because the paper stock  (pulp stock) was the cheapest to be used in publications, which was fitting considering the stories told in them. The content was rough, often violent detective stories (pre-noire) or campy horror tales (monster stories), short and endlessly entertaining, often with outlandish, attention grabbing covers (see below). 


These stories were simply meant to entertain. Some of the plots were absolutely ridiculous, which also made them fun. That's not to say they weren't well written (though some certainly were not), these tales were an exercise in unleashing ones imagination, no boundaries or limitations. These over the top tales are something I want to bring into my own library of work, and to that end I will be releasing some Pulp titles in the future.  

Any future titles for this project will be marked as such in the Writing Room.

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