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Darkest Shadow, Blackest Night

At the dawn of the American civil war, Jonathan Jacobs has caught the Devil's attention and he'll stop at nothing until Jonathan forfeits his life in exchange for everyone around him.


Length: Novel

Genre:   Horror/Historical Thriller

Status:   Walking the Streets

Survival at the Edge of the Earth

Scout has never belonged but dreams of a place she fits in. The trouble is that place might not exist and finding out could kill her. She journeys into the wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon to escape her past and discovers every legend holds strange truths.

Length:  Novel

Genre:    Adventure/General Fiction/SpecFic 

Status:    In progress....

The Other Kind

The second installment of the Wax Brothers Adventures finds Tim and Max confronted with the reality that monster exist, but the portal they opened  into the other world is one they might not want to close.

Length: Short Story/Novella

Genre:   ScifFi/Horror

Status:   In Progress....


During the great vampire scare of New England, one man struggles to deal with the loss of his family and goes to extreme measures to keep his last son alive.

Length: Short Story

Genre:   Horror/fiction

Status:   In progress....


After a failed territory expansion into the unforgiving north, a viking chief's guilt drives him to set things right and bring back those left alive, unaware that his mistakes have sparked much more suffering than he knows.

Length: Novel

Genre:   Horror/Fantasy/Mythology

Status:   In Progress....


A young woman decides her life is not worth living, but feels guilty for throwing away a perfectly good body through suicide. She is convinced to give it to another creature who needs it, but at the last minute she regrets her decision.

Length: Short Story

Genre:   Horror/Suspense

Status:   Percolating

Black Tide (pulp title)

After the worlds ability to generate electricity is inexplicably lost, strange things begin to happen and stranger creatures start to appear. It isn't until the monsters emerge from the depths of the ocean that humanity realizes it may soon never see the light of day again.

Length:  Novel

Genre:    Horror/Pulp/Mystery

Status:   Percolating


An ancient creature called Cork, is held captive in a menagerie, tended to by a blind human girl, has dreams of a time and creature that once showed it kindness. After enduring misery for too long, it breaks free to see if its visions are real or just a manifestation of peace in its mind. 

Together, the two will travel across the face of an early Earth, where magic and evil still exist, monsters and heroes are real,  and the soil is soaked in blood. 

Length: Novel

Genre:   Horror/Fantasy

Status:   Percolating




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